Best Microfiber Leather

The car you drive is the individual reflection of your charismatic-self. And the interior of your car is the ultimate space to infuse your intimacy character. Step into the future of Automotive Synthetic-Leather with our latest innovation. Introducing: Bentley. The ultimate high-performance automotive synthetic leather.

We built Bentley with the same principle as every Vision products. Engineered with a great care, from early inspections to the final testing. Perfected with protective top layer coating that will transform your vehicle into the most sporty interior you’ve ever seen.

High Performance

Bentley leathers are specially formulated and constructed for your automotive needs.

Proven and Tested

Our leathers go through rigorous durability and strength testing that rejects all but the best quality.

UV Protection

Bentley protects the interiors of your car against sun damage and exposure, preventing any fading colours.

Flame Retardant

Our leathers are treated to pass strict flammability requirements. These leathers are completely flame retardant.

Special Top Coating

Featuring additional layer of top coating that helps resist surface damage; such as scratches, cracking, and peeling.

High Quality Material

Our leathers are constructed from hand-picked, perfectly crafted materials that will serve you for decades to come.

Born to Perform.

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