Best Microfiber Leather

Constructed with the utmost attention to detail and main focus on design, McLaren brings the absolute opposite of ordinary.

Experience a whole new level of automotive interior with McLaren exclusive color selections. Free your mind and be inspired by the prestigious quality to unveil only the best interior for your automotive.

Water-Based Technology ™

The leather goes through an eco-friendly water-based process with low VOC. Creating the softest leather that is toxic-free and easy to clean.

Brushed Double Knit Backing

Every single layer of McLaren is crafted from the finest materials. The strong and smooth double-knit backing enhances our leather with maximum durability.

Deep Vacuum Embossing

An advanced embossing feature used by many luxurious car brands that bring out an irresistibly prestigious leather.

Super Strength

McLaren is coated with a special formula that resists scratch, tear, and abrasion. Our leathers have passed tensile tests, for optimal strength and durability.

Featuring Carbon Leather

McLaren Carbon Leather is designed to provide a new dimension of luxury. This unique material comes with excellent flexibility and outstanding rigidity.

UV Protection

McLaren leather protects the interior of your car against sun damage and exposure. The protection is capable of resisting heat, and also ensures that the colours stay vibrant.

Bold statement for a fresh look.

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