Best Microfiber Leather

Luxury is all about refinements in every detail and bringing the best material on board. The finest materials are selected to grace Bugatti’s standards, including our infamous high-quality semi-leather backing, elegant Nappa finish, and ground-breaking water-based technology that ensures strength, persistence, and comfort.

Refine your space with Bugatti’s classic and aesthetically pleasing choice of shades. A truly fine leather tailor-made to fulfill your distinct image of perfection.

Water-Based Technology ™

The leather goes through an eco-friendly water-based process with low VOC. Creating the softest leather that is toxic-free and easy to clean.

Semi-Leather Lining

Smooth leather with very high elasticity and unrivaled durability. A sophisticated and enhanced strength material from double-knit fabrics.

Premium Nappa Leather

Comfort yourself in the most premium soft leather. Experience on exquisite ride with delicate and luxurious feel.

Super Endurance

Bugatti leather is coated with a special formula that resists scratch, tear, and abrasion. Our leathers have passed tensile tests, for optimal strength and durability.

Flame Retardant

Bugatti leathers are treated to pass strict flammability requirements. The smooth surface is coated, preventing fire from creating burn marks.

UV Protection

Bugatti leather protects the interior of your car against sun damage and exposure. The protection is capable of resisting heat, and also ensures that the colours stay vibrant.

Luxury leather in the most refined form.

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